Thrivent Seminars

Let’s start a new conversation about being wise with money and living generously.

We invite you to join us each Saturday at 9:30am for a light breakfast followed by a different seminar each week. Seminars will begin at 10am and last approximately 1 hour.  We’ll meet on the 3rd floor of the Parish Hall. Elevator is available at rear of Parish Hall.

Please sign-up in the Gleitsman Lounge or RSVP to the church office.

March 3rd

Do One Thing Differently

Presented by: Dave Zastawny, FIC, RICP, CLTC

An informal discussion designed to help participants do one thing differently to improve your financial life. Whether you choose to start simple or take a big first step, you’ll see how the benefits can really add up!

March 10th

Navigating the World of Estate, Trust, Probate and Long-Term Care  Planning

Presented by: Attorney Jennifer Lile

Learn about:

The difference between a Will and a Trust

Powers of Attorney (Medical & Financial)

Living Wills

Different types of trusts

How taxes affect planning

How Medicaid works (generally) in the event of long-term care needs

March 17th

Your Legacy

Presented by: Dave Zastawny, FIC, RICP, CLTC

Unleash your generosity! Want to help sustain your church’s foundation? Or your alma mater’s endowment fund? And leave an inheritance? It doesn’t matter if you’re a Midwestern farmer, Pacific Coast fisherman or a Southern belle. If there are people or causes you care about, we can help you uncover ways to enrich their futures. Join us for a presentation on estate and giving strategies and we’ll discuss how to ensure your legacy lives on.

March 24th

Retire Wisely

Presented by: Dave Zastawny, FIC, RICP, CLTC

Will I have enough to retire? Will my retirement income last? Are my assets protected? Manage six key risks all retirees face: Outliving their income, inflation, unpredictable events, market volatility, income taxes and rising healthcare costs. Turn retirement concerns into confidence. Get positive, professional guidance from a faith-based organization that has been helping our member-owners be wise with money and live generously for more than 100 years.