40 Days of Giving

Here at St. Paul’s you can be an active in helping support the work of the ELCA World Hunger projects through our 40 Days of Giving.

Make a financial offering— to help give the gift of water with a well ($2500).

The lack of access to clean water is one of the biggest challenges to overcoming poverty. It’s also one of the most powerful opportunities to create change. With a simple well, or spring box, as many as 500 families gain access to clean, safe water. Communities are healthier. People spend less money on medical expenses and more on food and education. And instead of spending hours each day gathering water for the family, women and children have time for work and school. Talk about a future filled with hope!

Or help give the gift of a family farm ($715).

Talk about transformation! A cow, a couple of goats, a dozen chicks, two pigs, farming tools, seeds and  agricultural training and support, for example, can help a family achieve a fresh start. With new tools and techniques, crops will grow stronger than ever. Eggs, milk and meat from the farm animals provide a lifetime of food to eat and sell on the market, helping a family escape the cycle of hunger and poverty – for good.

Our goal as a congregation is to provide 1 community well and 4 family farms.

[ $2500 + ($715*4) = $5360]

  • Children will have special activities
  • Support our youth—as they work to feed the hungry
  • Join us for a Hunger Meal—on Thursday, March 29 before service at 5:30pm.

This meal will help us understand how food and wealth are distributed and how we can reach out to help with chronic hunger. This will also be a great chance to learn what the ELCA is doing in the world. Come have fun and learn together! Please sign-up in the Welcome Center or contact the church office to make your reservation. If you have questions, please contact Sue Reid at (330) 323-6688.